Pre-K Curriculum Program Lesson Plans

The video outlines different aspects of the program and what is included.

Why Was This Program Developed?

There were overwhelming requests for a Pre-K Program to be developed to specifically address core outcomes at this level. This program has been designed to provide yearly lesson plans.  These outcomes only provide instruction on how to meet these outcomes.  They do not include play center ideas. Play should be an integral part of your programming.

Why Is This Curriculum Unique?
This curriculum was specifically designed to meet the curriculum outcomes but also to address the needs of ESL learners.  We are continuously faced with the reality that not all our learners have a good foundation in the English language or experience a language lag.  This curriculum addresses that reality.  It includes:

66 Pages

Instructional Guide

84 Pages

Printable Resources Used for Classroom Instruction

77 Pages

Used to Complete Instructional Activities

52 Pages

Used in conjunction with the workbook


Fun With Names

All About Me and My Five Senses

All About Me and My Body

All About Me and My Feelings

All About Me and My Family


Colors and Clothes

Food and Shapes

Zoo and Shapes


What is Included?

Teacher Resources

Student Resources

Suggested Songs and Chants

Vocabulary Development

Shared Writing Suggestions

Phonemic and Phonological Awareness Activities

Suggested Reading Books

Pre-reading Activities, Including Emergent Readers

Developmental Cutting Activities

Pre-writing Skills Activities

Introduction to the English Alphabet and Follow-up Activities 

Sequential Math Activities to Meet the Curriculum Guidelines

Fabulous Freebies

Visit my blog post to access the Fun With Names theme of the program.  This gives you an ideas of what the rest of the themes are like.  Please leave a comment on what you think.