Plants Theme for Pre-Kindergarten

In the Plants theme lesson plans your students will be actively learning about what plants need to grow and the journey of a seed through the “The Tiny Seed Mini-Theme” and the life cycle of a plant.  They will be sprouting their own seeds and learning about seeds, stems and roots we eat. This will be followed-up with writing, crafts and literacy activities.  As with all our theme lesson plans, the focus is on developing early reading skills through the emergent readers that you will find below. 

Follow-up Emergent Readers

In this theme unit you will find two emergent readers.  The first emergent reader is a simple retelling of “The Tiny Seed” by Eric Carle.  There is both a color and black and white version.  The other printable reader is “My Seed Book”.  In this reader the students will be coloring and counting seeds of the various plants displayed in the illustrations.

Follow-Up Literacy Centers

Every theme includes Literacy Center activities.

Each theme includes literacy center activities.  In this theme you will find a game where students match the correct alphabet picture card to its corresponding initial sound, they match rhyming picture cards (truck, duck) and identify focus sight words.

Math Outcomes Addressed in This Unit

– I know a number represents an amount of objects.    KCC.B.4
– I know the last number I say is the number of objects, even if I arrange them differently.   KCC.B.4b
– I know when I count the number gets bigger.   KCC.B.4c
– I can count 20 things.  KCC.B5
– I can write number 0-20 and show the correct amount of objects for these numbers.  K.CC.A.3
– I can tell if a group has greater than, less than or an equal amount.  K.CC.B.6

– I can compare two printed numerals between 1-10
– I can decompose numbers by how many tens and ones there are.  K.NBT.A.2
– I can sort objects into categories.   K.MD.B.3

Science Outcomes

In this unit the students will be involved in seed experiments and  relaying their observations.  You will also find picture cards of the different parts of plants that we eat.  This is offers a great learning opportunity.

Follow-up Writing and Craft Ideas

Included in all themes are related craft and writing activities as displayed above.  These are only a few examples.

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