Math Curriculum Program With Core Focus Lesson Plans

Countless hours have been spent to develop the Kindergarten Math Curriculum Program.  Engaging activities and workbooks are offered to meet the majority of the Kindergarten common core curriculum outcomes.  View the video for more information on the program.

Individual Math Curriculum Lesson Plan Programs

The Counting and Cardinality Strand contains math lesson plans, center activities and workbooks for students to master the curriculum outcomes involving numbers 1-20.  View the video to learn more!

In the Operations and Algebraic Thinking Strand the students will be involved in interactive math centers and assigned workbook pages to master the concept of adding and subtracting to 10 using manipulatives and without.  View the video to learn more!

In the Measurement and Data Strand your students will be involved in engaging activities and guided lesson plans where they use non-standard units to measure objects within their learning environment.    View the video for more information.

Fabulous Freebies

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The song videos are used as complementary resources to teach numbers 1-10 and the teen numbers.  The  follow-up activities reinforce the skills.

Activity One – Numbers 0-10 

The students cut and paste the correct picture that is related to the video and text.

Activity Two – Teen Numbers

The students will count and color the pictures according to the text.